Rachael Tamayo

International Best Selling& Award winning Author and Book Reviewer. Author of romance, thriller and suspense. 



Claim Me (Friend Zone book 3) Autographed Copy


Claim Me (Friend Zone book 3) Autographed Copy


********Autographed Paperback**********

It wasn't his fault, not really.
That's what she tells herself and her friends when Brandon moves away, effectively ending their fling. Her first. Knowing she doesn't love him, Chloe pushes herself to move on, moving in with her friend Micah. Smart and sexy, Chloe's always had a crush on him. When it all comes out, their friendship rapidly becomes more. 
Perfect, right?
If only. When Chloe gets the shock of her life, she is forced to call Brandon and tell him. With renewed vigor, Brandon decides to return to Dallas, and is determined to win Chloe back.
Now, the memory of Brandon's touch is almost more than she can say no to when faced with him once again. Caught between love and lust, will this good girl stay that way? Or will she bite temptation and lose it all? 

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