Rachael Tamayo

International Best Selling& Award winning Author and Book Reviewer. Author of romance, thriller and suspense. 



Lucifer's Game: autographed Paperback


Lucifer's Game: autographed Paperback


***** Autographed Paperback*****

Evil never looked as good as the duo released on Cora Davies. She’s on the Devil’s playground now.

Unable to conceive, Cora and Andrew are on the brink of divorce. When Andrew moves out, Cora is left alone to deal with her depression. Cora is now fair game fair game... for Devin. 
Devin is what desire is made of, the epitome of stunning male beauty. When women sleep they dream of him. It’s his whisper that leads them astray, his touch that stirs the darkest of desires. Devin is the demon Lust, and his sights are on Cora.
Caught in the crossfire of the age-old battle of good versus evil, A choice must be made. With eternity at stake for all involved, everything rides on this broken couple, Cora and Andrew. The fallen angels have declared war, and only one is strong enough to fight. Only one can save her soul.
But is it too late?
“The Devil’s Advocate meets Rosemary’s Baby in this page gripping, intense thriller. A must read for paranormal fans.”
—Cynthia Austin, Author of The Pendant Series

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