Rachael Tamayo

International Best Selling& Award winning Author and Book Reviewer. Author of romance, thriller and suspense. 



Reach for Me (Friend Zone book 2) Autographed


Reach for Me (Friend Zone book 2) Autographed


***** Autographed paperback*****

Self-proclaimed bitch, Ashley, just had her ass handed to her. 
When her entire world comes crashing down she's forced to divorce her husband, quit her high-society job, and move back home to Dallas. Now, months later she's working in her father's restaurant and finding that she's never really known who she is-having always lived up to her mother's dreams for her life. A new start is long over due, and she's decided that she's better off alone. 
Of course, that was before she met Shane. The sexy, blue eyed bartender with tattoo's from here to everywhere. He's nothing like the CEO type that she's used to, and nothing she ever expected to find herself falling for.
There's only one problem, he's her co-worker, and her roommate. 
Can she overcome the ghosts of the past and let herself fall for a pair of understanding bright blue eyes?

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