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Break My Bones: A Tale of Wrath

Sticks and stones do break bones, and words will surely hurt you.

Staring down the barrel of a loaded 9mm is a wake up call, especially when it’s your husband’s finger on the trigger. Brooklyn James’s only thought is to take her baby and run. It's better to end up on the streets than suffer one more day beneath her husband's hand.

Finally back on her feet, Brooklyn is stronger, better prepared, and determined not to run. That is until she gets the call that her husband has been released from prison after serving his three years for DWI.

Cain James has his wife on his mind, always. With his friend Donovan at his side, anything is possible. He can find her, bring her home, make her love him again. While Cain has serious anger issues, Donovan is much worse. Cain can’t control his friend's sick, twisted mind and even sicker actions.

Donovan has Cain's best interest at heart, and he'll do whatever it takes to help Cain bring his wife home—including murder. After his time in prison, Cain doesn’t want to hurt his wife again and becomes a man torn—divided between the darkness inside him,his twisted love, and his lifelong protector, Donovan. As Cain tries to convince his wife that he’s changed, he watches the bodies hit the floor one by one at the hands of his sidekick. Enraged by his estranged wife’s new love and conflict ed by his own anger and need to protect his family, Cain unravels.

He can’t live without her, and he won’t let her live without him.

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I love Emily. I know she loves me too, she just needs me to show her. One day, we will be together forever, I'll make sure of that. She's only with this guy she's been hanging around with to test me, see if I'll stand true. Emily wants me to fight for her, to see if I can win her. Of course, I will. Once she sees how I've been caring for her, all the plans I've made, the lengths I've gone to in order to be with her, she will be so proud of me. If only she would stop pretending so I could stop hiding in her attic.

Reach deep into the mind of mentally ill millionaire, Noah Burell, as he turns Emily's world upside down. His Deranged love just might be her undoing.

15% of this books proceeds will go towards Mental Health Charity, The National Alliance on Mental Illness

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Winner of one of the top twenty best Indie books of 2017 (#9)

Top Ten finisher for the 2018 Greenlight Screenplay Adaptation contest as most adaptable fiction for a screenplay.

Winner second best thriller of 2017 on readers poll.

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Lucifer’s Game

Cora Davies is on the Devil’s playground now.

Unable to conceive, Cora and Andrew are on the brink of divorce. When Andrew moves out, Cora is left alone to deal with her depression. Cora is now fair game.

One young woman will be caught by Lucifer and his right hand man, Devin, the beautiful demon of lust.

Trapped in the crossfire of the age-old battle of good versus evil, A choice must be made. With eternity at stake for all involved, everything rides on this broken couple, Cora and Andrew. The fallen angels have declared war, and only one is strong enough to fight. Only one can save her soul.

But is it too late?


“The Devil’s Advocate meets Rosemary’s Baby in this page gripping, intense thriller. A must read for paranormal fans.”

Cynthia Austin, Author of The Pendant Series