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Outside Ascension: Amy Proebstel

When it comes to fantasy, I'm a tough nut to crack. As a self admitted book-snob, I struggle to find books that I just love, especially in this genre.  My all time favorite author is a master of all things fantasy, far-fetched and thrillers... Ted Dekker. I've yet to find anyone that I love as much as I love his books. 

That being said...this book was really a good read. It had very light Christian undertones (I picked up on them being raised a die-hard baptist... and former avid reader of nothing but Christian fiction until I branched out) that reminded me a little of Ted Dekker. The way he weaved a story, pulling you in, and you don't realize it until you look up and it's two in the morning.  The author here has a masterful way of creating not just one, but two worlds that suck you into them and keep you salivating for more. 

This book has that I can't put it down quality that I love, even though in parts it did start to drag a little bit. (Hey, no one is perfect, right?) The ending isn't so much a cliff hanger as it is a crap where is the next book what's going to happen!? 

I really enjoyed this book, and I will absolutely  be finishing this series.  

A Penny's Worth by Cynthia Austin

Damn, she did it again. The last time I read one of this woman's books I absolutely was sucked in and loved it. This one is even better than the last one!  I’ve been a fan of this author since I read her first book, and when this one came out it went right on my reading list. Finally I get to it and it didn’t disappoint. This book exceeded my expectations and then some.

Not to mention the fact that she totally surprised me, didn't see that coming at all! And let me tell you, I'm damn hard to surprise.  

Her characters are just so good. Real, conflicted, layered people. Not one dimensional bits of fluff that I've read in other books.  She does a brilliant job creating this world and the people that live in it.  

With characters that are just amazing and layered and real, a white knuckle ending and a fantastic love story in between, it’s got it all. Absolutely loved to hate Ezra and get annoyed with Sara and saying “Omg!” Out loud while reading. A can’t put it down -fantastic book.

Check it out on Amazon here. 

Sister Witch: The life of Moll Dyer By David Thompson

I like book reviews. I read book reviews, so after a bit of a break, I'm back posting my thoughts on all the things I'm reading.

To accounce my return to this world, I'm here to talk about an Urban Paranormal Fantasy. This book is the story of a woman, a legend in the North East, Moll Dyer. It's said that her spirit haunts the area talked about in this book. Now, being from Texas, I've never heard of her. However-after reading this book you can be sure that I did some Googling! 

As I read this book, I enjoyed the authors attention to detail and was reminded of my childhood. Why? Because as a kid and growing up, my favorite books were the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. I read them all, every single one, some more than once. I loved the old timey way of life, it fascinated me. I found a touch of that here, being that Moll lived at the end of the 1600's.   I realize that some might find these details mundane, even slow or boring-but I loved them.  Really took me back to all those books I loved as a kid. And you can be sure, books create memories-and I really enjoyed the fact that this read took me back to them.

I liked the story as well, and I could connect with Moll. Thompson created a real character here, a woman that is like so many living today. Screwed over by events she had no control over, starting over, pulling herself up by her bootstraps and doing what she had to in order to get by.  Loved the character, the book, the memories.  Looking forward to seeing what this new author comes out with next.