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The Wife Between Us: Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen (Audible)

I can only describe this book one way. One way that really suits it, the style, the pace, and the ending. This read was a slow burn that led to a bang at the end. Like a slow quiet fuse that leads to an explosion that knocks you out of your chair. Just when you think you have read the quiet ending, you read that epilogue and your left sitting there with your mouth hanging open because you never saw it coming.

What starts out as an ex-wife watching her ex-husbands new fiance…. seems like jealousy. Seems like regret, hate, wishful thinking… but it’s not. It’s not what it seems at all. There were several places in this book that took sharp left turns leaving me rewinding the chapter to ensure that I had indeed just heard it correctly.

I enjoyed this book. Typically i prefer a faster pace, but this one keep me going. My only issue was that with those sharp left turns, I was left a little confused due to transitions that might have gone a bit smoother. I had to turn back because I thought I had missed something. For that, If I gave stars I would take one away. A good read, for sure. I don’t think you will see it coming, I didn’t.



I really imagined this book as your typical domestic violence thriller. I was wrong. There is nothing typical about it. It was one of those quiet thrillers that builds in anticipation and keeps you reading. I could hardly put this book down.

Grace is the seemingly perfect wife, Jack seems to be just as perfect. Gentle, loving, attentive. Joined at the hip. Early on you pick up the fact that it’s not as perfect as they let on, and then bam—you’re smacked on the side of the head with the reality that is the life of Jack and Grace. Talk about nothing being what it seems! I loved this book, and I want to read more of this author as soon as I can get my hands on it. It’s just the kind of read that I absolutely love.


The Silent Patient: Alex Michaelides (Audible)

The Silent Patient is a shocking psychological thriller of a woman’s act of violence against her husband―and of the therapist obsessed with uncovering her motive.”

This book, which is soon to be a movie from what I understand, did something almost no book or movie ever does.

It surprised me.

The ending got me totally-didn’t see it coming AT ALL. This book takes you into the mind of a woman that seems to have a perfect life. A woman that seems to have killed her husband, a man she loved with all her heart.

So then why did she kill him, or did she?

This was an i cant put it down thriller and I loved the entire thing. I was left literally gasping at the end and in a rush to get to the next page. Simply stunning thriller. I’m so glad that this book was so good. Even books that are on the best seller lists can disappoint, but this one sure didn’t. If you like a good thriller, pick this one up before it becomes a movie.

The Girl on the Train: Paula Hawkins

I really enjoyed this book, very much. The depth of characters was amazing. They were flawed, messed up, good and bad, real. I could see knowing these people they were so real. None of them really good or bad, but a great mix of both, as we all are. Changed by pain, circumstances, making both good and bad decisions. It was a realistic portrayal of people. As a writer, I can’t bear flat characters. I can’t connect with perfection, as many other readers can’t. It’s sometimes a struggle for authors to create people that aren’t perfect.

I had not seen the movie before reading this (still haven’t). I was able to predict the killer about halfway through the book, but don’t go by me I have writers brain and almost always figure out the endings.

Great read, if you love a dark thriller, a good mystery, this won’t be a waste of your time.

The Handmaid's Tale: Margaret Atwood (Audio Edition)

I confess to watching the first season of this show before I ever realized that this was a book. Being a hardcore “books are always better than movies” person, this is not typical for me. In this instance, I’ll say the literary style of the author made this an exception, I’m afraid. If not for the fact that I was listening to this on Audible, I would not have finished the book. It’s hard to read, hard to get into. It’s saving grace was the fact that it was being read to me, and I knew the story. I was curious to see if it would follow the show, or not.

On that account, it did for the most part. Lacking in any graphic sex that you might think this book would have-however. It was a very clean read, save for a few swears. It was like one long stream of thought from the main character, as if we were listening to her ramble away in her own mind. It was strange, and at times hard to follow.

I did like the story, it’s a dark book (which I always gravitate towards). A black dystopian story with a ending that makes you want to go searching for the second book. Ending in a cliff hanger, no problems solved (A literary no-no, actually).

If I was giving stars, I’d give this one a solid 4. I did like it, I did want to pick up the second book, and it did follow the show pretty well.

Book Review: The Outsider by Stephen King

(PSST.. Please forgive me but Victoria’s Secret has been put on hold for now. She will be back.)

It took me quite a while to read this book, and by read I mean listen to it on Audible while I fold laundry and drive home from work. The audio version was outstanding, the voice of Will Patton really made the whole thing. If you know me, then you know that I feel like if there were a writing god, Stephen King would be it. Reading this book got me past my own desperate writers block (as often happens when we sit down and read something amazing.) and plunged me into the dark depths so that I could pick up my proverbial pen, once more.

King plunges us once again into darkness right off the bat. A sick and twisted crime that makes you grimace when you read it, but you still turn the page. A man arrested for the crime, did he do it? And page by page, a slow hell breaks loose and you just can’t stop reading. It’s classic Stephen King with a great modern day aspect that I loved. Not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure. I enjoyed this book. His characters are simply amazing, real and deep and human. Flawed, imperfect and sometimes unlikable. I loved how human they all are, people you might actually meet. Not the perfect fairy tale creatures you see in characters in so many books. The characters carry this book through to the end. This book is a long one, but worth the time.

Highly recommend, if you love dark thrillers pick this one up.



Tales of love that start with Once Upon a time, tales of marriage to just one, a time when history wasn’t told in secret, forbidden whispers. When the truth wasn’t going to get you killed.

Victory, like every other woman, is without choice, and her husbands are chosen for her. After the war that killed half the women by accident due to chemical warfare, now women are faced with marrying two men, and getting pregnant might be the thing that keeps you from vanishing for good. If you can’t re-populate then you are of no use.

Newly married to a brute named William, and a quiet, brooding man named Liam, victory discovers that there are far more secrets than the one she holds, the one that just might get her killed.

A Year in Review: 2018

What, it’s already almost 2019? This year I read a ton of books. Some good, some ok, and some just bad. I Published two more books, and hit the international bestseller list. I am working on my 8th publication, and working on the next in that series.

Whew, when you put it like that it’s quite a bit! If you want to see some of my favorites from the past year, please keep scrolling. I’ve read some great books. The next on my reading list is Rise of the Mystic by Ted Dekker, and Outlander. I’ve never seen the series and I hate reading books after I’ve seen the movies. Books are always better!

So here is to much more happy reading, Happy Holidays, and I want to know what you are reading and what’s next on your list. Please comment!

Copy of A Penny's Worth by Cynthia Austin (REPOST)

Damn, she did it again. The last time I read one of this woman's books I absolutely was sucked in and loved it. This one is even better than the last one!  I’ve been a fan of this author since I read her first book, and when this one came out it went right on my reading list. Finally I get to it and it didn’t disappoint. This book exceeded my expectations and then some.

Not to mention the fact that she totally surprised me, didn't see that coming at all! And let me tell you, I'm damn hard to surprise.  

Her characters are just so good. Real, conflicted, layered people. Not one dimensional bits of fluff that I've read in other books.  She does a brilliant job creating this world and the people that live in it.  

With characters that are just amazing and layered and real, a white knuckle ending and a fantastic love story in between, it’s got it all. Absolutely loved to hate Ezra and get annoyed with Sara and saying “Omg!” Out loud while reading. A can’t put it down -fantastic book.

Check it out on Amazon here. 

Texas Jewel by Melissa Alexia

Those of you that know me, or follow my blog, you know that I don’t often post books that I don’t care for. But this one… let’s let the review speak for itself.

First of all, I am from Texas and It really bothered me that this character is supposed to be representing us down here. We have a hard enough time with the rest of the world thinking we are all bow-legged country folk that chew straw and ride horses to work as it is, without this crap.

But let me back up a touch. When I opened this book I had high hopes, sounded like a nice chick-lit style suspense. It was disappointing when it fell flat right away. While reading this, I got lost and confused so many times. I found myself flipping back and re-reading, thinking I’d missed something. I didn’t miss anything, it was just that confusing to read. When the plot has good bones, it’s terribly frustrating to see it fall so short. My issues were with a very unlikable main character, casual drug use, unrealistic plot, and racism.

Yes, I said it, Racism. When the main character assumes that the person that is kidnapping her ( and the “kidnapping” is questionable) is Indian… that’s messed up. American Indian. I quote:

“So here were my options: A. Go with a pack of wild Indians, which I assumed they were since I was apparently being bartered with…”

NO WORDS. I was forced to close the book. This, the dope smoking, the fact that the main character is supposed to be virginal and she wants to dry hump (and actually does at one point) every man she meets is eye rolling. Not realistic.

But, don’t let me sway you, please pick it up and read it for yourself.

The Sound of Wolves by Elle Marlow

The Master of Western Romance does it again in her newest book, the conclusion to her Native Brides series. This one is a little more graphic, a little more sexy, and just as good, if not better than all of Marlow’s works. I’ve never been disappointed reading one of her books.

One of the things that I love about Western Romance is that it really takes me away. Thrown back in time to a gritty, rough, dirty way of life. Women were either delicate and genteel or forced to be tough as hell in the old west, and Marlow never fails to drop me right into a story worthy of True Grit.

Speaking of True Grit, Christine reminded me of young Mattie Ross. Her rough around the edges, but smart as a whip way and no nonsense way echoed the classic character in nothing less than a terrific style.

Nothing less than fantastic. I’ve loved every book that I’ve ready by Elle Marlow, and this one is no different. I have never cared for historical romance, but I love these books.

I, Avatar by Heather Harrison

How often have I read a book and when I reached the end said, damn that book was just way to short… I’ll give you a hint… almost never. Most o f the time I read a book and by the end I’m satisfied… or the book was way to long and I’m just glad to be done. This short story begs to be a full length novel, hell, I’m begging.

Please make this a novel!

The concept here is nothing short of genius. Heather Harrison does it again, a twist on horror, sci-fi, and drama all rolled into one tasty nugget of a story that leave you begging for more. If you have followed my reviews, you know by now that I don’t give away spoilers or content. Can’t give it away, I beg you to read this one if you are a fan of these genres. I’m not a fan of sci-fi, but I adore stories that are just twisted enough to make me think and be different. I tire of the same tale told or the umpteenth time.

Fresh and just damn, I loved it. Available on Amazon.

The Divinity Bureau: Tessa Clare

This book was good. The best thing about it was the humanity of the characters. They were deep, flawed, and I could relate. There was none of that perfect girl meets perfect boy and they fall perfectly in love (accept for oops there is a misunderstanding). It was real, they were hurting, they made mistakes.

Living in a world that gave me anxiety just to read about-(no spoilers here!) and with death looming overhead, it was a page turner. I found myself wondering what they could possibly do… and wondering what will happen to them in book two.

“The Hunger Games meets Romeo and Juliet in this must-read new adult dystopian romance.” 

The Hunger Games is one of my top five favorites. I could really see the echos of inspiration there. There were moments when I wondered if it was a bit to much like it, but I realize that in every dystopian story this kind of thing is a centralized theme. I didn’t quite get Romeo and Juliet, but they were total opposites and from different worlds.

But all in all, it was a great read. totally worth picking up if you are a lover of this genre. You won’t be sorry.

Franny's Fables by Heather Harrison

OK so I absolutely loved this book.  It's a short read, and normally I'm OK with that but this was just so damn good that I was sad when it was over.  Fabulous-Fantastic-brilliant. 

I reserve my five-star reviews for books that I fall in love with. the ones that I can't put down, and this one I just wish I could give it more stars.  Harrison's story is simply brilliant. A dark romance that I adored, from start to finish.  I've never been into a lot of paranormal, despite having written it myself, but this one was different. The characters were different, the execution, everything was fresh.  Not to mention how the book started... wow.  

I can't say enough good things about it.  She's got a fan for life in me after I read this book, and I'll be checking out her other titles.   Read this, you won't be sorry that you did. 

Exclusive Content: Devin Unchained-The Finale

He's a Demon.

Before Cora, there was Mae. Before his crippling obsession with Keeping one woman to himself--there was another.  What he desires, he takes. What he takes enslaves him. 

He's a beautiful creature driven my the depths of pure want but enslaved to the whims of Lucifer. 

Before Cora, Devin was free to play, leaving sex in his wake wherever he went. Occasionally, he craved contact with a human woman. Desperate need for skin, for release.  

He's had a taste of Mae, and now he can't get enough.  

Did you miss parts? Don't worry, just scroll down and check them out.  Happy Reading. ;)

Autographed copies are still available, for a limited time!! Please comment I love to hear what readers think.