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I, Avatar by Heather Harrison

How often have I read a book and when I reached the end said, damn that book was just way to short… I’ll give you a hint… almost never. Most o f the time I read a book and by the end I’m satisfied… or the book was way to long and I’m just glad to be done. This short story begs to be a full length novel, hell, I’m begging.

Please make this a novel!

The concept here is nothing short of genius. Heather Harrison does it again, a twist on horror, sci-fi, and drama all rolled into one tasty nugget of a story that leave you begging for more. If you have followed my reviews, you know by now that I don’t give away spoilers or content. Can’t give it away, I beg you to read this one if you are a fan of these genres. I’m not a fan of sci-fi, but I adore stories that are just twisted enough to make me think and be different. I tire of the same tale told or the umpteenth time.

Fresh and just damn, I loved it. Available on Amazon.