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The Handmaid's Tale: Margaret Atwood (Audio Edition)

I confess to watching the first season of this show before I ever realized that this was a book. Being a hardcore “books are always better than movies” person, this is not typical for me. In this instance, I’ll say the literary style of the author made this an exception, I’m afraid. If not for the fact that I was listening to this on Audible, I would not have finished the book. It’s hard to read, hard to get into. It’s saving grace was the fact that it was being read to me, and I knew the story. I was curious to see if it would follow the show, or not.

On that account, it did for the most part. Lacking in any graphic sex that you might think this book would have-however. It was a very clean read, save for a few swears. It was like one long stream of thought from the main character, as if we were listening to her ramble away in her own mind. It was strange, and at times hard to follow.

I did like the story, it’s a dark book (which I always gravitate towards). A black dystopian story with a ending that makes you want to go searching for the second book. Ending in a cliff hanger, no problems solved (A literary no-no, actually).

If I was giving stars, I’d give this one a solid 4. I did like it, I did want to pick up the second book, and it did follow the show pretty well.