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The Wife Between Us: Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen (Audible)

I can only describe this book one way. One way that really suits it, the style, the pace, and the ending. This read was a slow burn that led to a bang at the end. Like a slow quiet fuse that leads to an explosion that knocks you out of your chair. Just when you think you have read the quiet ending, you read that epilogue and your left sitting there with your mouth hanging open because you never saw it coming.

What starts out as an ex-wife watching her ex-husbands new fiance…. seems like jealousy. Seems like regret, hate, wishful thinking… but it’s not. It’s not what it seems at all. There were several places in this book that took sharp left turns leaving me rewinding the chapter to ensure that I had indeed just heard it correctly.

I enjoyed this book. Typically i prefer a faster pace, but this one keep me going. My only issue was that with those sharp left turns, I was left a little confused due to transitions that might have gone a bit smoother. I had to turn back because I thought I had missed something. For that, If I gave stars I would take one away. A good read, for sure. I don’t think you will see it coming, I didn’t.