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Lucifer's Game

Lucifer's Game

Whats Being Said

"This book had the near-perfect ending." -Sandra

"The depth of the emotions that this book pulls from the reader is superb! The story will shake up everything you thought you knew about demons, lust, and love."-MJ

"I begged for an ARC, I loved this book from line one, and when Devin made his appearance I could no longer put it down. Looking forward for the next book by this author."-Amazon Customer

"This book is a spell binding and complex thrill ride..."-Brianna


Crazy Love

Crazy Love


Voted into the #9 spot as Best Indie Book of 2017.  See it here

Voted #2 best thriller of 2017 see it here

"Truly a masterpiece of fiction. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! If you read any book this year, READ THIS ONE!"-Nikki

"This story keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish."-Shanna

"Where Fae Wray meets Fatal Attraction with a touch of best selling P.A. Paris book Behind Closed Doors."--Andrea

"This has got to be one of the most well written, gut wrenching, terrifying, psychological thrillers that I have ever read."-Sadie

The Friend-Zone Trilogy

The Friend-Zone Trilogy

Sweet and Steamy

"As I read Claim Me, I kept thinking, "Why isn't this author a star yet?" The writing is crisp, lively, sparkles with humor and the characters likeable and believable. I predict great things for this author." - Elle 

"The end had people staring at me since I was gasping in the middle of the salon haha!"-Jen

"You could not ask for a better premise for an excellent story. I had high hopes when I picked it up, and the storytelling did not disappoint"-Amazon Reader