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International Best Selling Author and Book Reviewer. Author of The Friend-Zone series, Pshycological Thriller, Crazy Love, and short stories.

Character Spotlight: Shane Coulson (Reach for Me)

Welcome Back! With book 2 of the Friend-Zoned series only 11 days away,  I'd love to introduce you to one of the Main characters.


Meet Shane Coulson.  He's  a twenty-seven year old bartender.

A little about Shane: He's a very popular guy behind the bar. Standing well over 6 feet tall, his dark, spiky hair and dark short clipped beard make his sea blue eyes pop even more than normal. The face of an angel, with the heart to match.  Don't let those tattoo sleeves and that motorcycle fool you, deep down, he's one cool nerd. Shane spends his time away from work as a bit of a bookworm, and he loves to play Xbox.  

Unlike his friend, Ashley, Shane is close to his Family. The product of a one night stand, his parents came together after his birth.  He's a bit of a mama's boy even though he lives hours away from her.  He  also has no problem with expressing emotion. 

Quote from Shane:

“Ashley, I think that someday all the people, who are trying to get you to live out their dreams for them, will be gone. When that day comes, you will be left with nothing but a life full of other people’s fantasies and none of your own. They should figure out a way to make themselves happy and let you learn to be who you want to be.”

Can he help Ashley get past her own fears, learn who she really is, and show her that sometimes love doesn't come along in the package that you expected it to?

Find out November 2nd, in Reach for Me.