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International Best Selling Author and Book Reviewer. Author of The Friend-Zone series, Pshycological Thriller, Crazy Love, and short stories.

Character Spotlight: Ashley Lawrence-Riverside (The Friend-Zoned Series)

Meet Ashley. She's the one that you loved to hate in book 1, Chase Me. Well, she's back in book 2, Reach for me and we really get to know her this time. 

In Chase Me, we saw her return home to Dallas as an entitled bitch with a history of stealing her sister Adrienne's boyfriends and getting her own way. 

In Reach for me,  Ashley is back and it's been almost a year. One year since she left behind her life in New York.  A highly successful fashion agent and former model, Ashley discovers her semi-famous photographer husband in bed with not just one person, but two. And one of those people is her boss.

Needless to say, it's a bad day for Ashley.  Leaving behind a life that she was pushed into as a young woman by her mother, she comes home to Dallas to work in her fathers restaurant under her sister Adrienne's management.  Will Ashley and Adrienne finally be able to learn to be sisters after all this time? 

Swearing that she will never let a man cause her to lose control of her life, she vows to remain alone. 

Then there is Shane.  Her co-worker, friend, and roommate.  As time goes by, she starts to realize that her resistance to his charms and her growing feelings are creating an intense internal struggle.


Will her heart win over her head?  Can Shane show Ashley who she really is inside after a life of a dominant mother and a verbally abusive and neglectful husband have dictated her life to her?

Ashley has no idea who she really is, and Shane is determined to show her.

Find out what happens in Reach for Me on November 2nd.

Chase Me (Friend-Zone Book 1)
By Rachael Tamayo

Ashley and Shane will return in book 3, Claim Me and in book #1 of the Scarred Series, Sticks and Stones