Rachael Tamayo

International Best Selling Author and Book Reviewer. Author of The Friend-Zone series, Pshycological Thriller, Crazy Love, and short stories.

Character Spotlight: Clint Montgomery (Chase Me: Friend-Zone book 1)

Meet Clint. Best friend to Adrienne, Micah, and big brother to Chloe in a tight knit group of friends that grew up together. He's a popular  high school biology teacher, and all around boy next door.

One lazy Texas summer, when his close friend Adrienne get herself into trouble with a lie to her mother, he steps up to help out. After all, what kind of friend would he be not to help? 

Oh, did I mention that Adrienne lied to her mother about having a long-term boyfriend? Here's the catch, they have to go to a week-long venue wedding together, pretending to be in love. 

To hell with it. I lean over and catch her ear in my mouth. I drag my lips along her jawline and feel her sigh and hold me tighter. When I make it to her lips, she turns her head and offers them to me. 
I'm done for.
---Clint in Chase Me


Clint says, no problem. Only thing is, that first "fake" kiss sure as hell didn't feel fake. Now he wants more. Feelings for his friend rear their heads over days of pretending to be in love, kissing, touching for show.  Turns out it's easy to pretend when it feels natural.  Once they get back home, Clint finds out quickly just how much he misses his friend's lips, and sharing a hotel bed with her. 

Find out what happens in that hotel room in Chase Me, Friend-Zone book 1.

See Clint again in Friend-Zone book 3, Claim me. 

Chase Me (Friend-Zone Book 1)
By Rachael Tamayo