Rachael Tamayo

International Best Selling Author and Book Reviewer. Author of The Friend-Zone series, Pshycological Thriller, Crazy Love, and short stories.

The Friend-Zone Trilogy

We all love a good romance, don't we? Strangers meet, sparks fly...it's great.   What about when friends find love? Two people that have known each other perhaps for years, maybe they always felt that "something" maybe it hit them all of a sudden...but they are already friend-zoned.

Oh crap. How to deal with that? How to breach the divide between just buddies and OMG I love you? 

If you want to know...then the Friend-Zone series is perfect for you. Watch 4 people that have been friend all their lives break out of the friend-zone and into holy damn this is amazing love.

First, meet Adrienne and Clint in Chase Me. Adrienne is Chloe's best friend, and Clint is Chloe's older brother.  Adrienne's struggles with her family leave her grasping, and her friend Clint saves the day.   Adrienne rapidly finds herself confused by her undeniable and sudden attraction to the cute blonde biology teacher 


Then there is Ashley, friends with her hot roommate after going through her own personal hell and starting all over back home. He wants out of the friend-zone in Reach for Me.  Shane struggles against her past, and ends up being just the person she needs to show her who she really is when she has spent all her life living up to the expectations of other people. 

Of course, we can't forget about Chloe and Micah in Claim Me. Adrienne's best friend and ever the good girl, she finally gives into her hormones when she meets Brandon. After a few hot months, he leaves for a promotion and she moves on.  Life goes on, until she gets a shocking reminder that the past doesn't always stay in the past.  Supported by her gorgeous friend Micah, feelings that have always bubbled just under the surface can't be contained any longer.  Sparks fly and the heat between them becomes an inferno.   To bad it's just in time for Brandon to decide that he made a mistake, he comes home and is determined to make Chloe his once more.

Claim me is available for Kindle and paperback on Amazon on Valentines Day.  Don't miss it! Sure to be the finale you can't put down!