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Remember not to Forget

May 15-21 is National EMS week. Being a dispatcher, I know  a lot of medics and fire fighters.  I'm usually the one that wakes them up at 3am and sends them out in the middle of the night on a call. Just last week I dispatched them to a house fire in the wee hours of the morning, the call took hours.  Oh, and let me also mention that this particular group of brave men and women were volunteer firefighters. Men and women that also have day jobs, giving their time and risking their lives for their community for no pay.

Maybe we should all take a minute and think about what these people do for us. They run right into hell, with no way of knowing what's in store for them other than the brief note in the call slip, or whatever is mentioned on the radio.  They deal with life and death, mental illness. They comfort a crying mother or a sick child.  They don't know us, and yet they come into our lives and pull us from the brink, and ask for nothing in return.

So this week, if you see a Medic or a Firefighter, stop and tell them thank you. Maybe take your child to the local fire station and show them what a real hero looks like.  These people are forgotten heros, fading into the back ground when all the fuss is over and things calm down. 

Let's remember not to forget them.

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