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The thin Blue Line: Soldiers in Blue

Today, May 21, 2016 is the last day of National Police Week. I thought it appropriate to say a little something about these men and women that step out of their homes every day, kissing their families goodbye, to protect the communities around our nation.

As a dispatcher, I see a side to these everyday heroes that others don't. To me, they are people. They laugh, they cry, they get angry. They risk their very lives for both the grateful and the ungrateful. They watch bad people slip away, only to hurt someone or take something that someone else worked hard for.  These men and women get dressed for work every day, just like you and I do. 

But ask yourself this, when you get ready to go to work, do you have to put on a vest to protect (hopefully) your body from bullet wounds, in case someone shoots at you? 

Do you have to put on a belt that has a holster for a gun?

Or maybe a taser?

So, if you're like me, or most other people you don't.  The only other people that I can think of that dress this way are solders.  These people are soldiers, protecting our community, our people, our children. They uphold the law to the best of their ability.

Remember one more thing, in this age of "blue lives matter" and such, yes they matter. All lives matter. Just don't forget, no matter what you say about them, love or hate them, if you call, they will come running.

So, to all the police officers that I know, and to the ones that I don't, Thank you. Thank you for always being there. 

My name is Rachael Tamayo, and I've been a police dispatcher for ten years. I'm a writer, and a wife and mother. My book will be coming out later this year through Solstice Publishing.

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