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End Of Watch 6-12-2016

As some of you may already know, I'm a 911 operator and a Police Dispatcher.  In my ten years experience, never have I had the heaviness of heart that I do now.  My coworker, our brother here at the Pearland Police Department was killed in the line of duty early yesterday morning.  

On June 12, 2016 at approximately 0315 hours the Pearland Police Department was notified of a major accident involving a Pearland Police vehicle at the intersection of 2500 E. Broadway and Liberty.  Officers arrived and found two vehicles involved in a catastrophic crash. The marked Pearland Police vehicle sustained major damage and the officer was pinned inside. 

Pearland Fire extracted the officer and he was then air lifted to Memorial Herman Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.  Officer Endy Epankya had been with the department since 2015. 

The second party involved in the crash was also transported to Memorial Herman with non-life threatening injuries.

The Pearland Police Department is working closely with the Texas Department of Public Safety in the ongoing investigation. 

Coming to work has never hurt so much as it did yesterday when I pulled into the parking lot.  Seeing my boss break down into tears because she had to sign him off of his computer for the last time was horrible. You see, these men are like brothers to us. It's like having 150 big brothers all the time when you work for a police department. We are a family. The agencies around us as well. We really are a brotherhood. It may seem strange to feel that way about people you don't even know, but we do.  

You try to prepare yourself when you do this job. Line of duty death's happen. You expect shootings, usually. Not this. Not drunk drivers. Headed to a call, to help a citizen and killed by a woman that decided to drive drunk. Lives have been changed forever. Not one of us will ever be the same after this senseless death. 

We are heartbroken by the  loss of our brother. We are devastated. He leaves behind a beautiful Fiance and a two year old baby.  This child is so young that he won't remember his daddy rocking him to sleep, kissing him goodnight. But there will be no doubt, he will always know that his father was a Hero. We will always remember him. Forever in our hearts.  

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