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This One's Personal

Some of you may or may not know, I'm pregnant with my second child. 9 weeks along. What you also might not know, is this is actually my fifth pregnancy.

So, only 1 child, 1 current healthy pregnancy...your realizing what that means. I've lost 3. So, now you're probably thinking, why is she sharing this? Isn't it personal? Perhaps a bit painful? 

I've been debating on this post for a while now.  Being a private person, some things are better left unsaid. This, however, is not one of those things.

My journey through multiple miscarriage was awful. I've been tested, poked, prodded, medicated, and everything else they could think of only to be told "We don't know what's wrong."

Then, finally, the right doctor at the right time. Eureka! She tells me shortly after my 3rd loss that I have MTHFR.

What in the hell is that? Spelled out, it's Methylene Tetrahydrofolate Reductase. My doctor can't even pronounce it, so don't hurt yourself trying. Funny enough, no other doctor I've come across (including the hospital where I had my son) has ever heard of it. Not a single one.

So what it is? It's a genetic mutation, inherited. Causes a slew of problems in some, no symptoms in others. In me, it caused miscarriage. The reason for that was because this mutation makes it so that your body can't absorb folate vitamins, folic acid. (Think also, B vitamin deficiencies) So now you're putting it together.

No folic acid in my body= miscarriage. Every single time. Diagnosed by a simple blood test. Treated with a simple vitamin (methyl-folate and methyl-b-12) that is available in specialty nutrition and vitamin stores. It's that simple. Now I'm okay. Now my babies don't die.

I'm sharing this for one simple reason. Out there are other women, other families, that are dealing with this. Doctors that can't figure it out. Progesterone didn't help. Nothing helped. This condition was only discovered in 1995 (I think) so it's fairly new. I was beyond blessed that my doctor knew about it. After nine years, I finally got my answer. My son is here today because of her.  Thanks for allowing me to share today, I hope that this might help someone, or someone you know.